Wednesday, January 29, 2014

King Obama.

Well hello folks, did any of you make a game last night well watching the President's State of the Union speech? If you did not maybe you should have.  after all it was a complete joke and an embarrassment to our country.  Jimmie Carter is one happy man, as he is no long the worst president ever.

Note: From now on the State of the union will appear as SOTU and President Obama will be king obama. 

Do you all remember three years king obama said we do big things.  That was three and no big things he wanted to get done have been done.  He likes to play the blame game and put that on the republicans.  It of course is never a kings fault right?

Congressman Paul Ryan said he heard no new idea's in the speech last night.  Mr. Ryan that is because there was NO ideas what so ever in the speech, new or old a like.  King obama now knows that his time is near that end and he has no legacy to leave.  He is pulling a straws and will that won't work he will take his ball and go home, using his executive order power when ever he can do to what the king wants to.

The speech last night was all about him.  It had nothing to do with leadership,direction, or moving America forward.  It was a stand of you are with me or against, well attempting to sneak bipartisan in there when he could.  Anyone that could read between the lines knew he does not want bi-partisanship.

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