Monday, January 20, 2014

MLK day.

Today is the day that we should honor Martin Luther King JR.  Yes I agree we should, the man did a lot of good well he was with us.  His passion for equal rights was life and he did it the right way for the most part.  King's "I have a dream speech" is one of this counties most recognized speeches.  It also spoke to a lot of people in a time of disperse and need to form this country. He lead the way in civil rights at that time.

Today we have leaders that say they follow his way and his word yet do they really?  The likes of Al Sharpten, Jessie Jackson, Jessie Jackson Jr.  Don't follow they way of King.  They follow a path that leads to more rights for there people.  These types of leaders look for what is best for them, not all man kind.  They look to take advantage of a story or event and that happens and made it in to a media frenzies.  This does not help anything it makes them look like loud mouth idiots.

Today as I reflect and honor Martin Luther King Jr.  I can't help but think he is looking down on today's leaders of the movement he created and think what are you guys doing?  You are destroying everything I stood for.  It is equal rights not more rights and entitlement for you.

I believe in equal rights for all, now is that possible?  I think in the world we live in that is hard to accomplish there will always be some sort of discrimination.  It will happen on ALL people NO matter color, race, or background you come from.  Yes this means discrimination happens to white people, I will make that clear.

Today I honor you Martin Luther King Jr,  thank you for being a real man of courage.  I wish we had some running today's movement like you!!!!

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