Monday, February 3, 2014

Sports show.

Well not doing another sports show today.  At least not as of now.  Possible later but I don't think so.  The next show on the Wild Radio Network will the the JR Wild show.  That will come your way Wednesday at 1pm central tune in.  Not sure of the topic as of yet.  If you have any idea's please let me know.

The day the music died.

Well I am not old enough to remember this happening, I do appreciate the guys and what they did for music.  I also agree it is the day "music died".  Music as far as rock goes is no where near they times then, now it is all about being loud and having little talent.

Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and the big bopper where killed in a plane crash 554 years ago today.  The Big Bopper.  The Big Bopper was a former DJ on a radio station and known for his story telling type of songs.  Well not the greatest of singers the Bopper was a great story teller and very energetic.

Buddy Holly one of the greatest of his time.  To many hits to mention and great all around guy from my understanding.

Ritchie Valens was a young kid just getting started from California.  He hated planes and never wanted to fly.  The first time he does it crashes killing all four on board the plane. Ritchie in many people eyes possible the next Elvis.  He never got that opportunity.

55 years ago today we lost three of the worlds best signers.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

None game talk about the superbowl.

The best none game talk about the super bowl or not.  Either way thanks for checking out the blog. So the Super bowl is over there was a winner and there was a loser.

The big losers where those that paid so much money to advertise there business durning super bowl, and then just produced a normal commercial.  I like(d) to watch the super bowl commercials a number of years ago say 6 or 7.  That slowly started to change where they where just normal commercials in the super bowl, now almost all of them are normal commercials.

This year very few new or original commercials I can think of three tops.  I just don't see the point in spending that much money if you are just going to make a commercial that goes unnoticed.  Fact is I I could not tell you who advertised on the super bowl cause I did not pay attion to the spots that much.  I can name two of them, coke and Budweiser.

If you pay notice to social media sites such as facebook, most people did not watch or at very least did not pay attion to them.

I must say that was one of the best halftime shows I have seen in a number of years.  Hell of a job Bruno Mars.  I could have done with out the red hot chili peppers segment but oh well I guess. In the last five years at least that was the best halftime show by far.

One last note the Broncos are the only team in NFL history to lose 5 super bowls hahahahahahaha.