Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Duluth show live shortly.

The Duluth show will be live on in about 10 minutes around 12:30 am.  We will talk more about the march 3rd rally, the unfair campaign and recalling mayor Don Ness.  Also what should we do during the rally on march 3rd.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Neat politcal site.

Here is a neat politcal site, it even has a stockmarket for the candidates LOL.

Bobby Brown leaves Houston's funeral.

Bobby Brown who was married to Whitney Houston left her funeral, he went to say his final good bye's to only be treated like shit by the security.  Brown and Houston where married from 1997 to 2009. Houston's family seems to blame him for her use of drugs.  That seems to be why he was only at the funeral for 15 minutes and had to move three times well there.

Read the full story and let me your thoughts,

As a side note the funeral was four and half hours long.  It was held on Saturday Feb 18th 2012. Still no cause of death has been determined in Houston's death.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Duluth Show

The Duluth Show will be live in about ten minutes.  We will talk about Roger Rienhart's proposal to bring the Minnesota Vikings to Duluth. 

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Giants win!

The New York Giants are the super bowl champs with a 21-17 win of the New England Patriots

Episode six of the wreck is done.

My co-host for the wreck is still out because of an injury.  Hope Joe gets well and comes back to the show soon.  The sixth episode we talked about the super bowl, valentine's day, money making opportunity's and more.

About the blog here.  I will post show updates, news stories and funny things and what ever else I feel like LOL. 

Thank you to all of you that listen to the show's on the wild radio network on spreaker.  Hope you enjoy them.

Here is the link to spreaker and the shows,!/user/jrwild_radionetwork

JR Wild 

New episodes.

Hi All,

Hope all is well with everyone! Wanted to let you know that two new episodes are now up on wild radio network on  They where both recorded episodes not done live, like most of the show's are.

They where both short shows, The Duluth show was talk about the un-fair campaign and the Sunday Politics was not about politics at all this time, we had a short show about the super bowl.

JR wild

New shows.

We should have a new show today at some point.  Both the Duluth show and Sunday Politics.  Stay tuned for more.

Super Bowl Sunday.

So it's Super Bowl Sunday, who do you all think will win the big game?  I am pulling for New England, cause I can't stand Eli Manning.  I am not much of a New England fan but  I do like Tom Brady.  I think New England wins 24-21.

Hi all.

Hi all and welcome to our page. This page will be dedicated to the talk show's on the Wild Radio Network on  Check out the shows there and listen to them live or in podcast.

We will post info about the shows here and more.  Thanks for checking us out.