Wednesday, January 29, 2014

King Obama.

Well hello folks, did any of you make a game last night well watching the President's State of the Union speech? If you did not maybe you should have.  after all it was a complete joke and an embarrassment to our country.  Jimmie Carter is one happy man, as he is no long the worst president ever.

Note: From now on the State of the union will appear as SOTU and President Obama will be king obama. 

Do you all remember three years king obama said we do big things.  That was three and no big things he wanted to get done have been done.  He likes to play the blame game and put that on the republicans.  It of course is never a kings fault right?

Congressman Paul Ryan said he heard no new idea's in the speech last night.  Mr. Ryan that is because there was NO ideas what so ever in the speech, new or old a like.  King obama now knows that his time is near that end and he has no legacy to leave.  He is pulling a straws and will that won't work he will take his ball and go home, using his executive order power when ever he can do to what the king wants to.

The speech last night was all about him.  It had nothing to do with leadership,direction, or moving America forward.  It was a stand of you are with me or against, well attempting to sneak bipartisan in there when he could.  Anyone that could read between the lines knew he does not want bi-partisanship.

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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Next weeks JR Wild Show.

Next weeks JR Wild Show we will talk about the hot button issues in politics.  Those issues that seem to get a lot of peoples blood boiling.  In a way it will be an extension to our last show, about Roe vs Wade.  If you have not listened to it please check it out at,

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Roe vs Wade.

Today marks the anniversary of the controversial decision of Roe vs Wade.  It of course was the decision that allows for abortions, that decision was made by U.S. Supreme Court.  In the last 41 years sense that decision we have had many people on both sides in the news for poor choices they made in protesting that decision.  I am sure you have heard about the stories of the anti abortion side blowing up clinics and such, that is a very big extreme but it has happened.  You also I am sure have heard about the  pro abortion group chaining, kicking and killing they other side.

Sense that decision 41 years ago we have lost 55 million innocent lives.  I support live over the killing of the innocent lives.  There are a number options you can do.  The big one is if you don't want a child don't have sex. Second there is adoption.

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Monday, January 20, 2014

So Seattle's Richard Sherman said what?

Why must we make a big deal out of every little comment some one say's?

Seattle seahawks corner seemed have upset those in the football world, face book world, and twitter land last night.  What for?  Well here is what he said after he knocked down a pass winning the game for the seahawks.  "I am the best corner in the game, when you try with a sorry receiver like Crabtree, that's the results you gonna get"

Now keep in mind the game just ended and it was a big game, yes winner goes to the Superbowl.  Now I don't have an issue with what he said.  He was amped up excited they just won, and it's called emotion and passion.  Something sports is missing big time.  You can't seem to show and passion or emotion or you get fined or suspended or something stupid.

Get over it it was a big game.  It was the heat of the moment passion and I love it.  We need to see more of it in sports!!!!!!

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MLK day.

Today is the day that we should honor Martin Luther King JR.  Yes I agree we should, the man did a lot of good well he was with us.  His passion for equal rights was life and he did it the right way for the most part.  King's "I have a dream speech" is one of this counties most recognized speeches.  It also spoke to a lot of people in a time of disperse and need to form this country. He lead the way in civil rights at that time.

Today we have leaders that say they follow his way and his word yet do they really?  The likes of Al Sharpten, Jessie Jackson, Jessie Jackson Jr.  Don't follow they way of King.  They follow a path that leads to more rights for there people.  These types of leaders look for what is best for them, not all man kind.  They look to take advantage of a story or event and that happens and made it in to a media frenzies.  This does not help anything it makes them look like loud mouth idiots.

Today as I reflect and honor Martin Luther King Jr.  I can't help but think he is looking down on today's leaders of the movement he created and think what are you guys doing?  You are destroying everything I stood for.  It is equal rights not more rights and entitlement for you.

I believe in equal rights for all, now is that possible?  I think in the world we live in that is hard to accomplish there will always be some sort of discrimination.  It will happen on ALL people NO matter color, race, or background you come from.  Yes this means discrimination happens to white people, I will make that clear.

Today I honor you Martin Luther King Jr,  thank you for being a real man of courage.  I wish we had some running today's movement like you!!!!

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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Show times.

Here is the schedule I am hoping to keep.

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Welcome back.

Hi all,

Welcome back to the Wild Radio Network Blog.  We are going to start posting here again.  I have not for some time, however it is time to blog again and this is where you can get all the new information about the shows and other news.