Saturday, March 3, 2012

They came and they went.

So today was the big rally in here in Duluth MN.  The Supreme White Alliance came to Duluth with just 8 members of there group.  They had hoped to have any where between 20 and 100 members at the rally.  The small group of SWA member where meet by an angrer mob of people when they arrived at city hall, the SWA group who did nothing but show up to protest (yes they still have that right in this country) had snow balls tossed at them and where yelled.  No retailations was made by the SWA group.  My question is who is the bigger man now?  Who showed more restrant? 

You don't have to agree with them ( I don't either) but be respectful and let them have there little protest and then faid away.

Here is a story from the DNT,

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