Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sue for $500,000

So does the name Roy Ortiz mean anything to you? If not perhaps I can jog your memory.  Back in September of 2013 Colorado was getting hit with big rain which caused flooding.   His car became submerged on the road he was driving on.

Hopefully that helps you remember the case, it was in the news all over the place. He was trapped in the car for two hours.  Now he wants to sue the very people that saved her life.  He intends to sue the first responders that saved him.  Why? , because it took two hours and they did not first realise he was alive at first.

Roy Ortiz said he needed money for his medical bills.  He is not able to afford them and this is why he is making the move to sue.  Roy said he was glad to be alive and thanks the responders.  What?  some way to show it you jack-off. Ortiz said that the worst part now is the bad dreams he has.

The other point that no one is bringing up is that Ortiz seems to be an illegal allein.  Now I don't care what anyone says if he is in fact an illegal then he should not even have a right to sue.  He better be deported.  What a complete ass!

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